FEELING BLUE Chelsea players had to remove bags from hotel rooms and squeeze onto one bus as Werner reveals how sanctions hit players

CHELSEA players were kicked out of their hotel rooms early and forced to squeeze onto a single coach due to the sanctions placed on the club.

Timo Werner has revealed how the players were impacted after the UK Government put an end to the Blues’ unnecessary spending due to owner Roman Abramovich’s ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Overnight, the five-star luxury the Chelsea players were used to when travelling to away games came to an end.

Among the perks they saw axed was the ability to check out late from hotel rooms and making use of two coaches.

Speaking to The Mirror, Werner explained: “For example, our bags and stuff had to be out of our rooms by 11am when we had a Champions League game where before our bags could stay in the room for as long as we stay in the room. It was little things which were a bit funny. Not things to worry about.

“We felt we couldn’t come to the game with two buses anymore, we had to be a bit closer together, we had to save money at some points which is different to what we were used to in the hotel and somewhere else

“Of course we heard a lot in the press and the media. What’s going on, who is the new owner, what happens if we don’t find a new owner. I think the club did a very good job to keep everything away from us as much as possible.”

The five-star experience could be back very soon, with a new owner expected to be installed within days.

American billionaire Todd Boehly and his consortium have been named as preferred bidders and final checks are currently being made before the deal is complete.

In a statement, Chelsea said the takeover is “expected to complete in late May subject to all necessary regulatory approvals”.

Chelsea’s proposed £4.25bn takeover is set to be more than DOUBLE the record for the most expensive in sporting history.

Boehly was in attendance at Stamford Bridge last Saturday to watch the club draw 2-2 against Wolves and he’s expected to be in attendance for today’s FA Cup final against Liverpool

As well as an improvement in travel arrangements, players can expect to see a number of new faces at the club over the summer too.

Commenting on future investment, Daniel Finkelstein, who is a Chelsea fan and will be among the new board of directors, has stated that Thomas Tuchel will be backed in the market.

Speaking on TalkTV, he said: “We’re still at the early stages – he’s had a sale agreement with Chelsea and now the Government has got to license the sale because it’s a sanctioned club and the Premier League has got to decide that I’m a fit director.

“‘I think Chelsea is going to get, in Todd Boehly, a fabulous owner – I’m really impressed by him.

“I was very impressed before I met him, I think in a similar way to him about sport so it was a sort of meeting of minds anyway.

“I really like him but I think he’s also got big plans.

“So as a Chelsea fan who was worried when the club had to be sold, I’m looking at how the club can be made better than just how we can stop it becoming worse.”

He added: “The job of the owner is judged by whether we spend money wisely, not just how much we spend.

“The truth is there is a lot of money behind Todd Boehly’s bid, there will be a lot of investment in the club but it will also be invested wisely.”


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