‘They are to be punished’ ‘This isn’t fair at all’ ‘They are all Law Breakers’ – Chelsea Fans Snap as Chelsea Suffers Disrupted Night Light After What Everton Fans Did At Team Hotel

Everton are set to welcome Chelsea to Goodison Park this afternoon and their supporters may have given them an advantage before they’ve even turned up.

According to Liverpool World, a small selection of Evertonians headed for the hotel in which Thomas Tuchel’s Blues were staying the night before the game and let off fireworks in the general vicinity.

A social media video posted by Twitter user Dave Seed shows the explosion of colour right outside the revolving doors to the hotel and the chorus of bangs that accompany them.

Liverpool World say they have asked Merseyside Police for comment but no response has been issued as of yet.

They also say that the Everton team bus is set for a similarly fiery welcome when it arrives at Goodison Park later today with the Toffees five points from safety after Burnley’s win against Watford yesterday.

Frank Lampard’s side do at least have two games in hand on the Clarets so they know that, for now, their fate is still in their hand but they need to keep winning to maintain that advantage.


Everton have tried pretty much everything to find a winning formula this season and it seems like the fans have taken it upon themselves to get amongst the action.

With their Premier League future looking very bleak and short indeed, the forever faithful Toffees supporters know that they need to do whatever they can to help their team survive

This though might be a bridge too far and the football club should probably release some form of a statement in an attempt to stop it from happening again.

It has been done before by other English clubs and it is almost too regular on the continent but that doesn’t make it right or even remotely legal.

If Everton do go on and beat Chelsea this afternoon then you would have to attribute these actions to the result but again that shouldn’t mean it can be accepted.

Let’s hope the Merseyside Police are able to identify and punish the offenders and such an occurrence doesn’t happen again.


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