Why John Terry was grabbed around the throat by Chelsea teammate and forced to sell car

Former Chelsea captain John Terry was just at the start of his legendary career when he purchased a flash new car, prompting team-mate and then-skipper Dennis Wise to give him some tough love

John Terry received some tough love in the form of a hand around the throat from Chelsea teammate Dennis Wise after buying a flash new car as a youngster.

The former Blues defender was just at the start of his legendary career at the time but was already being handsomely rewarded by his pay packet, which had included a bonus following his first Champions League appearance.

A young Terry chose to splash all the cash right away on a car like the one his older colleagues were driving – a decision which then-captain Wise swiftly convinced him was a bad move.

Speaking on The Footballers Guide to Football podcast, Terry said: “He was club captain at the time. I remember I was in the first-team and got a Champions League bonus and I went out and stupidly bought a car with the bonus I was on.

“I was 19 at the time. I come in with my car and Wisey got me up round the throat in the corridor in front of everyone, ‘Who do you think you are? Go and take the car back’.


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