Chelsea news and transfers LIVE: Lionel Messi attempt, deal close, Conor McGregor takeover bid

Thomas Tuchel must avoid repeating rival nightmare as Chelsea reminded of Jose Mourinho blunder

It is official, Chelsea will travel to Middlesborough for the FA Cup quarter-final. I am quite pleased that we didn’t meet with Liverpool or Manchester City. However, I am still concerned.

Chris Wilder has been cooking up quite a storm with the Boro. They are currently battling it out for that all important playoff spot in the Championship and, in the process, caused a couple of upsets in the FA Cup.

The plus side to this fixture is that Wilder does not have David McGoldrick to frustrate the Chelsea defence, as he had done in 2020. Thomas Tuchel will be going into this fixture, scrutinising their play and exactly what they did to knock two top-six residents consecutively.

Manchester United and Tottenham have had a rollercoaster of a season. The inconsistent ups and downs have left both teams fighting for a top-four spot without an FA Cup to contend for. If you told me that Middlesborough FC would knock out Cristiano Ronaldo at the start of the season, I would have laughed.

Thomas Tuchel’s ‘huge’ £49m Chelsea decision produces Zinedine Zidane moment in Burnley repeat

It was almost like in a moment Reece James remembered how good a footballer he has become.

The opening half at Turf Moor had sadly played out like many of Chelsea’s recent attacking displays without their inspirational right wingback. The pace of the game was slow, the movement uninspiring and the thirst for creativity still clear.

Then with three swivels of his hips to cause five Burnley defenders to do the hokey cokey, he drilled a shot beyond Nick Pope to set in motion a second half of pure fun.

Then we were transported back to Autumn when Thomas Tuchel’s men were flourishing, playing with such conviction and flair on a regular basis.

1063 people who can afford Abramovich’s asking price

There are 1063 people who can afford Roman Abramovich’s £3bn asking price.

Declan Rice could cost £120 million

Michael Dawson has said that Chelsea may have to pay as much as £120 million if they are going to land West Ham midfielder Declan Rice in the summer.

“He is sensational and he deserves to play in the Champions League and he’s got the quality too,” Dawson said during Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports.

“But West Ham don’t want to sell him. Of course, they don’t. Moyes doesn’t want to sell him. But everyone’s got a price. You’re going to be paying absolute top dollar.

“But if I’m one of the other so-called big teams in there – take him. You’re going to have to pay, probably, one-hundred, £120 million for him.”

Chelsea wanted Messi

Fabrizio Romano has revealed that Chelsea tried to sign Lionel Messi in 2014 on his YouTube channel.

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