Alan Shearer criticises Roman Abramovich statement confirming he’s selling Chelsea

Alan Shearer has reacted to news of Roman Abramovich confirming he’s selling Chelsea Football Club, hitting out at his lack of condemnation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ahead of Chelsea’s fifth-round FA Cup clash with Luton Town on Wednesday night, Abramovich released a statement revealing he’s put the club up for sale, ending his near 20-year ownership.

In the statement the Russian billionaire announced all net proceeds of the sale would be donated to the victims of Ukraine following president Vladimir Putin’s orders to invade.

Premier League legend Shearer was shocked to discover no mention of Russia’s barbaric attack on Ukraine in the 55-year-old’s words.

‘A huge moment for Chelsea Football Club, he’s brought massive success over his 20 years,’ Shearer said.

‘But it’s not as simple as selling a football club as we know it can take months, even years to sell a football club.

‘But I think more importantly there’s still no condemnation from Roman or the club about what’s happening in Ukraine.’

His decision comes amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in which the UK Government has faced calls to freeze Abramovich’s assets, as well as anyone who allegedly has ties with Putin, as part of its sanctions against Russia.

Abramovich has always denied any link with Russia’s president but over the weekend handed over his ‘stewardship and care’ to the trustees of Chelsea’s charitable Foundation in a bid to distance himself from Putin.

That statement was described by Piers Morgan as ‘weasel words’ while Jamie Carragher said the club had ’embarrassed themselves’ and that the Russian owner should have mentioned the invasion of Ukraine.

Micah Richards was also left baffled and sitting alongside Shearer in the studio tonight he said he hoped the sale would go through as quick as possible.

The former England international added: ‘It’s a better statement than Saturday, I was scratching my head at the statement when it came out.

‘Today there’s a lot more clarity. I think he’s done the right thing. It’s so sad we’re having to talk about this on a football night and all the scenes we’ve seen over the last couple of days, it’s just heart-breaking.

‘The sooner it can happen the better.’


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