Why Bruno Lage apologized to Mikel Arteta after Arsenal win

Bruno Lage has issued an apology to Mikel Arteta after being accused of time-wasting towards the end of the game.

Arsenal were unhappy in the last minute of normal time after Wolves caused a delay in their substitution by opting to keep Raul Jimenez on the pitch.

In his response, Lage took the blame for the incident and has apologised to Arteta.

‘The first thing is to say about that situation at the end, it was bad communication between me and my staff,’ Lage explained after the game.

‘I changed my mind in the last minute and that’s why there was confusion about that.

‘I apologised to the referee and also to Arteta about that because it’s not in my mind to come here and waste time and do those kind of things.’

Lage stressed he had no problem with the wild scenes at the Emirates Stadium on Thursday evening following Arsenal’s late winner.

‘It was a good game, another good game like we had two weeks ago,’ said Lage

Football is about celebrating and scoring goals. When you won in the last minute you need to celebrate in the best way you can because it’s very hard to win games in the Premier League.

‘I know there’s been a lot of talk about celebrations and how Arsenal celebrated [at Molineaux]. For me it’s no problem.’

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