Romelu Lukaku dominated the headlines when he gave a remarkable interview expressing his unhappiness at Chelsea earlier in the season, but a new report detailing problems at the club suggests that he is just one of a number of forwards who want to leave to get away from their manager Thomas Tuchel.

Romelu Lukaku is not the only forward at Chelsea who is considering a move away from Stamford Bridge as the club struggles in the Premier League, according to reports.

Earlier in the season the Belgian international gave a remarkable interview describing his unhappiness at Chelsea and even suggested that he would like to return to his former club Inter Milan.

In the coming days he held talks with Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel and issued an apology for the comments, but with the club failing to keep up with Liverpool and Manchester City in the Premier League, there has been speculation that some players are growing frustrated with the German coach.

The Athletic reports that other forwards have become unhappy with their lot at the club, and are dissatisfied enough to be considering a move away from the club in the summer transfer window.

The reasons for the unhappiness are varied, with suggestions that players believe that some of their teammates are rewarded with consistent starting places despite poor form, while others, in particular forwards, are given no guarantee of time on the pitch.

The inconsistency in line-ups they believe has been detrimental to their performance on the pitch. There is also the suggestion that Tuchel’s ‘brutal’ manner with criticism of small and large details in matches and training is alienating those he targets.

The lack of confidence then feeds into more poor decision-making on the pitch, which creates further problems, and some even believe that Tuchel then bases his team selection less on form and more on grudges against players.


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